Real Madrid – sell list:

Even though Real Madrid had a great year winning Copa del Ray and Uefa champions League there is always place for improvement. These are the players that I want to leave this summer:

1. Khedira – I just hate this guy. The way he plays, looks and runs just pisses me of. I don’t even care for how much will he go.
His price: – >€6 mil.

2. Benzema – he is definitely a very good player, but in the second part of the last season he was just rubbish. Real Madrid needs a consistent striker and I would replace him with Aguero from Man City.
His price: – €25 mil.

3. Arbeloa – he is too weak for Real Madrid.
His price: – €5 mil

4. Morata – not good.
His price: – €6 mil

5. DiMaria – too stupid, but he played very well last season.
His price: – €20 mil


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