Max Payne (2008) – Thoughts

Max Payne (2008)

I was going through a bit of a bad mood lately so I decided today that there is no better movie than “Max Payne” to watch. I know the character quite well since I have gone through the “Max Payne 3” game twice and I liked it very much … maybe I will play it again. All the bad temper alongside a shitty mood and a shit-ton of anger really shaped Max in my mind, and like him. The guy designed in the game really fitted with the character, which is something that I can not say about the movie.

Mark Wahlberg is a good actor, not great, but I won’t choose him for a serious, drunk from anger and blinded by revenge guy like Max Payne. He just doesn’t cut it. I have to say that Mark did a very good job though, and I was quite surprised after I saw the movie, as it left me with a good impression.

Mila Kunis was surprisingly good, doing a great job playing as a gang-member shooting the crap out of everyone, a really nice and strong display form her.

Action was kind of good, but I would expected a looooooot more slow-motion scenes throughout the movie, since in the game I was going through them at every step. Also I expected more Max Payne monologues filled with his cruel sense of humour, which are very typical for him.

Overall, if anybody played Max Payne in this movie (who can fit the role of course), I would watch the movie many more times if I had the chance, because the idea of the story is pretty strong and the thoughts behind all the actions seem genuine.

It removed some of the stress and that’s exactly what I was looking for, so it wasn’t for sure a waste of time.


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