In winning form – Manchester United Talk.


i have watched Manchester United’s fifth consecutive win. It was a difficult match against a strong and determined Southampton, a team which plays some appealing football, I found myself admiring the way they counter-attacked or even dominated the field for short periods of time.

Manchester United will always be special for me and I admire how they are behaving like a big team even in these periods of restructuring. The run of five consecutive wins is strong and raising United up on the third place in the Premiere League, which makes me really happy and excited for the times to come.

I have to admit that Manchester played very poorly today against Southampton and scoring twice from so few opportunities is very lucky, yet they have done it, specifically, RVP has done it, with a brace of beautiful goals as well.

The next game, which will be played on Sunday, will be against Liverpool and they are one of teams of losers which can only make me laugh.

I expect a much better performance from Manchester United, as well as a change in the line-up. Today McNair had some hiccups and Fellaini was pure shit. Mata was invisible and Rooney seemed bored.

I would love to see Falcao in the next match and even DiMaria which isn’t really one of my favorites, but he gets the job done. I have recently viewed the whole Manchester United squad and they have got a ton of players and most of them are very good as well. I wonder how many are injured to play Fellaini against a such an important opponent like Southampton.


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