A must-have gift.

V 1 3713RE

I am always looking for the best of everything I have, do or desire. The life we live nowadays has a lot of necessities and to fulfil all of them is practically impossible, but to come at least close is achievable.

Today I went on for about 3 hours and a half, looking for the best gift for a friend’s birthday, which is tomorrow, and following a lot of thinking, looking around and visiting a lot of stores, the Swiss Army Knife seemed the best option.

After I have decided that it was indeed the best gift that I could choose, I started comparing all of the knives that were available, learning the differences between them and what are the best tools available in a Swiss Army Knife.

In the first shop where a lot of manly stuff was selling, The “Huntsman” Swiss Army Knife stood out to me in front of the rest Swiss Army Knives, having the most used and the most needed tools, also being relatively small and at a pretty affordable price as well. When I knew that this was “the one”, I went to another shop, which also had the same knife, but since it was official distributor, it was cheaper. I was glad to see that, and after I made sure that even the official distributor didn’t have something better that the “Huntsman” from the knives line, I went on and purchased two of them: I chose a black “Huntsman” Swiss Army Knife for me and a classic red “Huntsman” for my friend. I am so relieved to have finally found a decent gift, after thinking and searching a lot. I have got the knife in a nicely wrapped gift box and I can’t wait to see my friend’s reaction when I hand it to him.

A funny thing that followed in the evening when I arrived home, was the fact that I knew that the “Huntsman” was the best option out of the stock available in my city, but certainly not that it was one of the most popular and one of the best Swiss Army Knives in the history. I went on and read about the history behind the Swiss Army Knives, the world record holding Knife for being the biggest and about the competitors to the “Huntsman” like the “EvoGrip 18” Swiss Army Knife. I have opened my “Huntsman” Swiss Army Knife completely 2 or 3 times and already managed to cut myself a little. I definitely need to learn to handle it better and to remember where is each tool situated.

Overall, today was a well spent day, the outcome being more that satisfying. I am very happy for myself but even happier for my friend, which I know will make use of this gift very well.


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