iPhone Home Screen

I have just read an article on TecnhoBuffalo, a site that I dig into almost every day, about the home screens on different editor’s iPhones and it got me the idea of posting a picture of my own home screen on my blog, and kind of talk about it, just like in the article.


So here it is! Over the time using Apple’s iOS for pretty much everything and especially with the features that iOS 7 introduced, I like to keep all of the apps on a single home screen.

I have only useful apps installed, despite having 64 Gigs to fill and the apps are well organised and easily accessible.

Starting from the top row, the main four apps: “Safari”, “Mail”, “Calendar” and “Photos”. It has been present on all of my iOS based products for a very long time. All of them are useful to me and I got so used to it, that I don’t even realise when I am reaching for them, I kind of do it instinctly.

The second line is just like the first row, including the most important apps for me, “Weather”, “Clock” – which shows the time live, and I can know what time it is by seconds, “Notes” and “Reminders” – the best to-do app in my opinion, which syncs automatically with my Mac and I can’t emphasise enough how much I use it. It would be very cool to have a “live feedback” icon instead of a static Weather icon, but just one tap is not that much to go through.

The third row, starts with a folder, entitled “Productivity”, which thanks to the feature introduced in iOS7, has multiple pages, 3 at the moment, but it keeps on growing every time I install an app which fits the category. The folder now holds apps like “Translate”, different dictionaries, Apple productivity apps like “iMovie”, “GarageBand”, “Pages”, and “Keynote”. “Battery”, “Google Earth” and “Heart Rate” also found their way in this folder. Messages and Viber are the my most used social apps followed by the “Extras” folder which include many apps which I don’t really use, or I use from the “Actions” menu which I bring up by sliding up from the bottom of the screen.

The fourth row starts with the “Social” folder which includes many social apps like “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “Tumblr”, “Vine”, “Skype”, “Messenger” and many others. Next is the “YouTube” app, followed by the “LiveScore” eurosport app which is very very good for following sports, especially football. “Photos” folder include a “Wallpapers” app and some photo-editing apps.

The fifth row includes “Pocket”, “WordPress”, “Twitter” and “Digg”, which speak for themselves.

And the final row has only the “Games” folder, including a lot of good games which don’t really take much of my time, but it’s nice to make use of the power of the processor from my iPhone 6 once in a while. “GTRacing 2” is one of my favorite so far, but I haven’t really tried all of them, to be honest.

The Dock has my most used apps, undoubtedly, “Phone”, “Music”, “App Store” and “Settings”.

It’s a pleasant experience having an iPhone as the only phone and it was very easy to switch to an iOS based phone.

Apps are what bring the most of an iPhone, and for me so far, they satisfy my needs and make the phone experience a lot more richer. I am not an android lover so I can’t see myself switching to one ever.


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