Apple Conference – “Spring Forward”


Exactly 6 months ago, me and my family watched together the Apple Conference where, the iPhone 6 was introduced and the Apple Watch announced. Today, the conference was a delight, which surprisingly got me pumped up for the newest “MacBook”, a 12″ laptop with an incredibly appealing design and new features like the very good-looking and undoubtedly easy-to-use new keyboard, a stunning screen and a new trackpad, which will definitely improve the experience on this MacBook and the ones that follow it.


The gold model, I think looks the best and it is the first time, after an event held by Apple when I really want to go in a store and feel the product personally. The new Type-C port can be used for everything and with just one port, it just looks perfect. I would have liked a model with a slightly bigger screen, but I am sure that it will be here in no time.

Apple Watch

The  Watch is definitely my first  product, on my wish-list, closely followed by the newest Macbook. I like my current Macbook, a lot, but the newest is nothing less than an engineering masterpiece.

I have weared a watch very few times in my life, I can count them on one hand in fact, but the idea behind the smartwatch and the way it connects and interacts to my daily life seems incredible. Apple is known to make the best product in each category they compete, and I have no doubt that their watch will be less different than most of their products. In Apple’s presentation, the main features of the  Watch were highlighted, but its functionality and usefulness can only be understood by using and wearing one. It is the product which in some years will be indispensable for our lives. I would go with the  Watch Sport model, as my first one, with the bigger screen size and a much better band than the default rubber that is advertised. I don’t think that the rubber will fell comfortable on my wrist.

The  TV got me very excited in the beginning of the conference, when Tim Cook started talking about it. I thought that Apple will introduce a brand new design to it, alongside a new software, but “HBO Now” was only announced, which can be an important new feature for somebody, but for me personally, isn’t.

MacBook Pro

I didn’t like how quickly they announced the upgrades made to the MacBook Air and to the MacBook Pro, and I would have loved to see a new iPod Touch.

Wallpaper 22

The thing that I loved the most about today’s conference, was the fact that it made me appreciate more the things that I have, and a smile out-of-nowhere was drawn on my face.


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