Good  conference.

Apple WWDC 2

This year’s WWDC was surprisingly pleasant to watch and most of it was interesting and exciting to me.

OS X, iOS and WatchOS were the main topics of the conference, with a “one more thing” in the end.

OS X - El capitan

In the past, when I was a PC-only user, the OS X part of every WWDC was more like “meh” to me … It was cool and all, but I didn’t have the chance to enjoy and make the most of it. Now, times have changed and being a happy Mac user, this year’s OS X part seemed strong and delightful, and I am thankful that I will have the ability to enjoy it.

The new OS X has a very unusual name, “El Capitan” which means “The Capitan”. I assumed that it is called this way because it is built to be the best OS out there, thus influencing all the operation softwares, but actually El Capitan is a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park, located on the north side of Yosemite Valley, near its western end. Very cool name, though.

It has a lot of new features, but these are the ones that I like the most and I can not wait to be able to use them:

OSX - 1  OSX - 2

I have been using third party apps like “Bettersnaptool” and “Hyperdock” for my window management, but having the option to quickly resize and rearrange windows built right into the OS X, makes it much more intuitive and easier to use. Also Mission Control got an “update” – form what I can tell, there is nothing new to it, it just comes with the “Group windows by application” option ticked off by default – which I have already done.

OSX - 3

Now, Spotlight got a significant update. Being able to type what I am thinking while I am looking for something and actually finding it will add a lot to the Mac experience for me. It will ease things up.

OSX - 4

The Notes app also has been improved by adding  the ability to post a picture, url and videos right in the notes, which will help a lot bloggers like me. Notes will also support different fonts and colours. I use the Notes app a lot, so this update is more than welcomed.

OSX - 5

Safari has got some important new features added like the mute button in the url line, which can show which from which site is the sound coming from and can turn off the audio when is clicked. The “Pinned Sites” look nothing less than the favorites bar, which I use in the Google Chrome, so nothing new or interesting here.

OSX - 6

And that’s about it for the OS X “El Capitan”. Looks cool, just like Yosemite, and the updates that will come with it will be worth the upgrade. I don’t really feel the necessity of having them now, though.

iOS 9

iOS 9 also got me impressed. I did not expect so many new features added into the new iOS and here are some of the best in my opinion:

iOS 9 - 1

I have tried multiple news apps for the last couple of months, but none of them seemed right for me. The new “News” app definitely looked very cool to me and it is a very welcomed and needed new app, which I will most likely spend a lot of time in.

iOS 9 - 2

“Notes” in the iOS 9 has a lot of the new features that come in the OS X, which I covered in the “El Capitan” section of this post, but also it brings the ability to draw right in the app – I can not say how much I have searched for a simple, cool drawing app, and now I will be able to do it right in the Notes app. Who would have thought? Very cool update overall in my opinion.

iOS 9 - 3

Where I live, “Maps” offers nothing less than a crappy experience with poor geographical information and no navigation assistance whatsoever. I am relying on third-party apps like “Waze” – which by the way is amazing and “Google Maps” sometimes. The new “Maps” app looks much better and offers some sick new underground maps for some cities. This led me to hoping that Apple has also improved at least the maps of the streets around the globe.

iOS 9 - 4

The new feature that offers Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture on the iPad is simply stunning. This creates the ability to literally “Double up” on everything someone does on the iPad and it is very cool that Apple has introduced something like this in the iOS. This year, it only came for the iPad, but in the future, this new extraordinary feature will hopefully come to the rest of the iOS devices, because this new way of experiencing iOS is revolutionary.

iOS 9 - 5

Siri just got a lot smarter and is able to do a lot more, but I am more excited about the new Search engine powered by Siri, which will definitely decrease the need of Safari for me and will come in handy many times.

iOS 9 - 6

These are just two examples of how powerful and cool the new search engine is, offering all the information needed in such a neat look.

iOS 9 - 7

The new Search page will also change the way I use the iOS, offering suggested people, apps and places based on my location and time of the day. This will be very helpful for me.

iOS 9 - 8

I hope this is true. More battery on my phone is vital.

iOS 9 - 9

Here is something they didn’t talk about, the new passcode which will have 6 digit instead of 4, which isn’t that big of a change, but it still is something new which will come in the iOS 9.

iOS 9 - 10

iOS 9 seems like a solid update with a lot of new helpful features which will change a lot the iOS experience in the years to come. I will definitely update my software as soon as it is launched officially.


Steve Jobs used to do the “One more thing” thing when he announced truly revolutionising and life-changing products or services. The Music however, left me with a lot of mixed feelings. The 24/7 radio is cool, the connect is kind of cool but messing up the Music app is really stupid. I would have liked a separate app for the Music, just like the iTunes App, but I guess I will have to wait and see, maybe it will grow on me and I will end up liking it. At this moment in time, I don’t feel that I need something like Music.

I do not own an Watch, so I didn’t really pay attention to the new WatchOS 2. I don’t plan on buying on anytime soon, but if I get one as a gift, I wouldn’t say no.

It was a pleasure to watch this year’s WWDC and I am patiently waiting for the new OS updates to come out.


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