Sergio Ramos has been heavily linked to Manchester United this summer. It all started during the negotiations between Real Madrid and Man United for David De Gea, when Man United looked to include someone in the deal and since they were looking for a defender, why not try to get one of the best in the world?

I would love to see David De Gea at Madrid this summer, in my opinion, he’s the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment, but I would rather see Sergio not included in the deal and stay at Real Madrid, as I feel that this way, it will be best for both him and the team.

He’s currently valued at 40,00 M€. At 29 years old, I think this price is huge, however he is one of the best defenders in the world.

I don’t think and I don’t hope that the Sergio Ramos will join Manchester United, even though I support them as well, because Sergio is a symbol for Madrid and in my opinion it would be best for him if he stays.


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