Projector at home

To have a projector at home will always be very cool, however, like with all the good things, at one point they get tiring, boring or both. I’ve watched football and a lot of tv shows for the past three days and apart from the fact that the screen is as large as my wall and that the experience is much more immersive, there are some downsides to always watching a projected screen.

Cinema Screen

First of all the room must be dark, so watching it during the day without completely darkening the room is impossible, which affected my sight for the rest of the day and I was kind of sleepy. Finding the sweet spot for a projector in a room can be kind of tricky, especially when there are a lot of restrictions. When you move a lot in front of the projector, the beam will completely blind you, causing headaches and nausea. The sound of the projector can also get a little bit annoying, especially during the quieter moments of a movie and the hot air that is coming out of it can transform the cinema room into a sauna.

All the downsides aside, I’m very happy that I was able to watch my favorite teams play on the whole wall and I enjoyed it very much. Everything in excess is harmful in some way, so watching something on a projected screen for a limited period of time will do nothing but entertain.


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