The Oscars 2016

The Oscars

The Oscars are the most honoured awards for the movie industry. Every year, awards are given for numerous merits, but the ones that matter the most for me are: Best Picture (which has been awarded since 1928), Best Actor in leading role (since 1928), Best Actress in leading role (1928), Best Actor in a supporting role(since 1936), Best Actress in a supporting role(since 1936), Best Animated Feature(since 2001), Best Film Editing(since 1934) and Best Visual Effects (since 1939).


The Oscar Nominees

The Best Picture:

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Oscar Nominees in my order:

  1. Room – An amazing, touching movie which opened my eyes yet again to the wide world. This is the winner of this list in my opinion.
  2. Spotlight – A very serious movie based on a very intriguing story in a style on the likings of the academy awards. If “The Revenant” or “Brooklyn” weren’t in the list, this movie would be the winner.
  3. Brooklyn – A sensitive movie which captures beautifully humanity’s greatest gift: love. Alongside “The Revenant”, this movie can easily win the “Best Picture” category.
  4. The Big Short – A boring movie about money and reality, in which is shown how did many profit from the big crisis back in 2007-2008.
  5. Bridge of Spies – Secret intelligences have a huge impact on our lives whether we know it or not. In this movie, despite being based on a simple exchange of spies, many things are portrayed and shown, which should make us more protective about our privacy.
  6. Mad Max: Fury Road – An action-packed movie with amazing special effects, but without a very interesting story unfortunately.
  7. The Revenant – A really boring and very long movie. The landscapes and the long continuous scenes don’t make enough to cover the poor predictable plot. I wouldn’t even think to nominate this movie to a Oscar, but because Leonardo DiCaprio is the leading actor, it could easily win this year’s Oscar for Best Picture.
  8. The Martian – A boring movie based on a interesting story. The visual effects are amazing, but the action is absent. For many movies, an unbelievable ending would compensate for the rest and make it a good one, but for this one, unfortunately, it was too little, too late. I wouldn’t have chosen this movie for the Best Picture category.


The Best Actor in Leading Role:

Even though I have not watched all the movies in which the actors in leading role got nominated for this award, my guess is that either Leonardo DiCaprio (which is most likely to happen) or Matt Damon will take the Oscar.


The Best Actress in Leading Role:

I think that Saoarse Ronan from “Brooklyn” deserves to win the Oscar for the Best Actress in Leading role, even though Brie Larson did a brilliant job in “Room”.


The Best Actor in Supporting Role:

Mark Ruffalo, an actor which I really disliked in the past, played very well in “Spotlight”, even though in his unique own very annoying way. I think he deserves to win it.


The Best Actress in Supporting Role:

Rachel McAdams (Spotlight) is the winner for me in the Best Actress in a Supporting Role category this year.


The Best Animated Feature Film:

Inside Out




Inside Out is the best animated film of the year, with a deep meaning and great animation. It deserves the Oscar for the Best Animated Feature Film this year.







The Best Film Editing:
Star Wars





STAR WARS: The Force Awakens wins The Best Film Editing category in my opinion.







The Best Visual Effects:

In this last interesting category for me, the winner is “The Martian”.The Martian Even though it is extremely boring, I can not deny that the visual effects are stunning, that’s why I think it deserves to win the Oscar this year in this category.

So this was it, my impressions and predictions for Oscars 2016, let’s see how many did I guess, if any.


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