“Belle” (2013) – Thoughts

Belle Movie wallpaper

“Belle” is an astonishing movie which emphasises on the cruel world that we live in. Society was sick in some aspects, and still unfortunately is. Racism is primordial in the basic understanding of human life with all of its rights and obligations, and in an intelligent respectful society, it doesn’t have place.

I respect every man and woman, without ever second looking at the colour of the skin or other racial features, because, as I’ve convinced myself countless times, the personality ,with all of its virtues and bad habits, is what really matters.

“Belle” made me emotional in a way that very few movies ever did and I enjoyed every second of it. It sparked in me some controversies, apart from the racial one. Why did society degrade so much? The way the characters talk in the movie is simply sublime in my opinion, it is polite, intelligent yet not very sophisticated. Respect is shown in every single sentence exchanged throughout the movie which kinds the manner of speech.

I’ve truly enjoyed this movie, I don’t want to get into the plot, because spoilers are never good, but I can say that this one is a must-watch, it will change the way you percept the world ever-so-slightly, but it still will.


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