Visited a “DAF” factory

Today, during a lesson at university, we had the chance of visiting different companies. Unfortunately I found out about it pretty late and I chose DAF because it was a better choice than the other remaining company.

We’ve got to see how are trucks build from ground up (a process which takes about 18 hours) in one hour and a half as well as the IT section of a huge truck-making company. I’ve got to say I was much more impressed than expected, mostly because I saw countless building processes in a show entitled “How It’s Made?” which used to ran on Discovery Channel, and seeing the actual scale of it all and the real environment was kind of jaw-dropping.

The assembly and in some cases the creation of the parts for the trucks seemed like huge toys in some way. It looked massive, yet in a familiar friendly way – maybe that’s because I’m a man and I found this environment looking cool ever since I was a little boy.

Just like in the “Euro Truck Simulator” game, in which I’ve spent a significant amount of time – mostly free roaming, I’ve got to say that the appeal of driving a huge truck along Europe isn’t as close as exciting and as intriguing as it was when I was playing the game.

Anyways, it was cool to have this opportunity and I really tried to enjoy it 100%, and I’ve succeeded for the most time as I was there. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside due to privacy and copyright protection, but the sights that I saw today will stay with me for a while.


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