First Laser Tag game

Today I’ve played laser tag for the first time and honestly it was cool, but it wasn’t as cool as I expected. It was a 10 vs 10 match on a relatively small battlefield where I got shot every  2-3 seconds. It was chaos and it really left me a bitter taste. My gun wasn’t working for the majority of the time I was shooting, and the killing didn’t offer me any satisfaction whatsoever.


I’ve also played softball – a game with real looking guns shooting pp bullets which was like a complete battlefield experience. You’ve got to run, duck, hide, make different strategies and the battlefield was much bigger and much more varied. When I got shot, I felt it and when I got a kill, it felt really good.

Laser Tag felt like a game for kids, with no real life implementation whatsoever. Maybe next time, I’ll be better at it, but for the first time, it was pretty bad.


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