Batman vs Superman – disappointed

The “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie left me disappointed and somehow shocked. All the Batman movies were amazing and the “Man of Steel” was enjoyable as well, so a combination of these two heroes would seem to be nothing less than pure awesomeness.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the case, as I’ve spent most of the time watching this movie bored, waiting for the moment when it starts getting exciting and emotional … but it never came. The story is very weak and straight-forward, which hurts this movie the most. Ben Affleck can not play Batman and his new armoured suit looks ridiculous and stupid. Henry Cavill (Superman) on the other hand, was perfect just like in the “Man of Steel” which I have to say I anticipated. Wonder Woman had no place in this movie in my opinion and she only complicated things in the end. I’ve got to mention Amy Adams which looked gorgeous in every scene, she’s hot.

So, I’m not happy with this “looks epic” movie and I feel sorry that it turned out to be this way, I was really excited to see it.


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