Easter Preparations

Painting the eggs for Easter isn't as easy as I thought. It took me half a day only to find the paint and after that, the process itself wasn't nearly as easy and smooth as I thought it would be. I managed to do a half-decent job, I'm satisfied with myself considering the inventory used. … Continue reading Easter Preparations

Home-cooked Lasagna

I have helped with the preparation of Lasagna (Garfield's favourite food) for the first time ever, and it was a joy. It isn't as hard as I've imagined to do it, and it turned out to be very delicious. I've been wanting to cook one for 7 months already and I'm very glad that I … Continue reading Home-cooked Lasagna

Zootopia (2016) – Thoughts

The longest wait and the biggest hype for an animation movie, ever, got me extremely excited once I started watching it. The animation is stunning, the characters look amazing and everything looks alive and natural throughout the entire length of the film. The weakest part of it unfortunately, and very surprisingly, was the story, which is … Continue reading Zootopia (2016) – Thoughts