Amsterdam: The meeting

I’ve had the pleasure of going on a quick road-trip and visited two cities: Haarlem and Amsterdam, both for the first time.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful buildings and landscapes, both cities giving me an welcoming feeling and I’ve learned a lot about what they have to offer, especially Amsterdam. I’ve heard of it a lot before, but witnessing all of its greatness is something special. I didn’t manage to go all the places that I would like to, but I’ve seen plenty, especially in the middle of the day. It is the right place to live a non-stop party-life, but I was left with the feeling that it is way too crowded for a city to live in day-by-day.

Anyways, the trip was great and this it was just for the first part: the meeting. The parts when I’ll go for and with the friends and for the luck and just for the sake of going there are still to come.


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