Time beats anything

The whole day was spent trying to fix my MacBook, which for some time now, makes a very loud weird noise, coming from one of its fans. I went out to an Apple Retailer store in the hope of cleaning it of dust right then and there (like many people did from what I read in multiple forums online), but at this retailer, they didn’t want to do that. They told me that they could only send it to some of their experts to clarify what’s wrong with my MacBook, which not only would take up to two weeks, but would be extremely expensive as well.

Disappointed and a bit angry I went and bought a bunch of screwdrivers and a compressed air can, came back home, disassembled the MacBook, and carefully blew the dust out of every single whole. Assembled everything back together, turned it on and it still made this weird annoying sound.

Disassembled it again, this time paying attention to the fans, which I really hoped that wouldn’t be the problem, but the right fan turned out to be the problem. Even when I rotated the fan very slow, it made the noise anyway. Then I tried putting some oil into it,  assembled everything back together, switched it on and it still made the noise.

After fully comprehending what the problem is, I ordered another right fan for my MacBook and I can not wait to put it and get rid of this never-ending fan sound.

The conclusion is that even if I take care of my MacBook, time will get some parts to deteriorate and it will come a time when they fail. The only thing that is left to do is to completely replace the failing part and take good care of the other remaining working parts.


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