Big Snooker Disappointment

Ronnie O’Sullivan left the World Snooker Championship this evening, after losing to himself in my opinion in the 1/8 stage match against Barry Hawkins.

Barry played very well, which ultimately made him win the final frame of the match, but I expected much more in it from Ronnie, who had a tough but very good chance of winning.

I had a feeling that O’Sullivan was kind of careless and didn’t make the most of his opportunities. After producing amazing snooker to come back from 12-9 to 12-12, I was extremely confident that Ronnie will win, like he has many times before. I think the problem lied in the fact that Ronnie was a bit too confident and didn’t think through a lot of the shots. He’s the best at handling the pressure and that’s why I think that carelessness and over-confidence were the main reasons which made him go out from the tournament.

Barry didn’t deserve to go through at all in my opinion. Yes, he was good, but only a true world champion should have made it passed Ronnie, which Hawkins won’t be, at least not this year.


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