Zootopia (2016) – Thoughts

The longest wait and the biggest hype for an animation movie, ever, got me extremely excited once I started watching it.

The animation is stunning, the characters look amazing and everything looks alive and natural throughout the entire length of the film. The weakest part of it unfortunately, and very surprisingly, was the story, which is not poor, not at all, it is just not as rich as it could have been (or as I hoped it would be). Emotions of all kind should have poured out of me, but as much as I could have liked it to happen, it didn’t. The story was straight-forward and the mystery and the suspense weren’t even near the peak. No emotional attachment for any of the characters ever appeared and all the action flew by without any big reactions.

I will watch the movie again with pleasure asap, with a hope that it will be more enjoyable and satisfying … maybe I missed on something crucial?


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