Return home

The day started off at noon with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a consistent meal. A lot of plans have been discussed, but we ended up going in the Netherlands for some shopping (being Sunday, the shops in Germany are all closed). While I was very bored and very tired of going through the shops, the decisive matches were being played in the Dutch top-tier football league “Eredivisie”.

I started following the livescores for both PSV and Ajax matches at about half-time, when it wasn’t sure if PSV would win the league or not. It became so from about the 60′, when I was starting walking on my toes, being really excited and pumped up about PSV’s chances of winning the league. They did so on the way to Germany.

In about 2 and a half hours, I was back in Eindhoven and went out to see how are the people celebrating. A lot of joy could be read on all of the citizens’ faces, but the music that they celebrated on, is very weird by my tastes.

All in all, the weekend escape in Germany was cool, a bit crazy and annoying at times, but I enjoyed most of it.


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