2 years of WordPress!

It’s been 2 years since Wordpress became my main and only major platform of sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world.

Although I have the domain since 2011, only in 2014 I decided to use it more intensively, this is what I said at that time: click here.

2 years later, I have changed the look of my blog 4 times and have already 600+ blog posts published. A lot of things changed in this short period of time and I also have gone through a lot of major changes. On this occasion, I decided to give my blog a complete new look, which hopefully will make me write on it daily.

This is how it looked before until now:

Version1:Blog History 1.jpg


Version 2:
Blog History 3.jpg

Version 3:
Blog History 6.jpg

Version 4: (the latest and current theme)
Blog History 7.jpg

I will undoubtedly try to improve the look of my blog even more, but also I will try to be more personal when I give my opinions.

Right now, a lot of things are put into motion and I have to wait to see what will our next steps be, I really really really hope it will turn out as best as possible. Thanks God for my current situation and for everything that has led to this.

Here’s to many more years of blogging! I wish health and kindness to everyone!


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