TRANSFERS: Farewell Depay!

One of my favorite players, and definitely one of the most promising players at Manchester United, Memphis Depay departs after just one year and a half, and I hate it so much. He is very very good, and I think he can easily become the best player in the Premier League. Now, Mourinho is very good at his job, but the decision of not playing him just doesn’t make any sense to me, he’s basically the next C.Ronaldo, or at least can come very close in a few years. If anybody else would have been in charge of Manchester United, such a stupid decision would have never been made, but here we are unfortunately.


Memphis has been sold to Lyon for €15.73M – which is a ridiculous price for his talent, but at least United have a buy-back clause, which I hope very much they’ll use asap. Depay is still relatively young, at 22, he can come back any time in the next 2-3 years to make history at Manchester, which I repeat, desire a lot.

Poor move for United, but, I think the french league fits Depay in some weird way, but let’s face it, a player of his high standards can fit anywhere. I wish him lots of play-time and help Lyon as much as he can.


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