This one’s for my cousin

Cars has been around basically all of his childhood and I kind of envy him for growing up with it. He has seen the first movie countless times when he was just a little kid, and Lightning McQueen quickly became a big part in his life. From toys, to clothes, to mugs and bed sheets, it was all about the best animated racing car ever. It is a special movie because it praises values like friendships and family, it teaches us to be competitive, but also that there are times when winning is not the most important thing. It is also special because it reminds me of you, and even though we talk twice or three times a week, it still makes me miss you.

Just like the title says, this one’s for you cousin, and Cars 3 couldn’t have come at a better time, as you are now just in between being a child and a teenager. I hope it will remind you about the time when you were completely obsessed with Lightning McQueen and his friends, how your life has changed, how you have changed, and will make you think about the present, about what’s important for you right now, and about how it is going to be by the time the next Cars movie comes out.

Personally, I loved this trailer, it looks a lot like the first movie, it feels like it is going back to the roots. I can not wait to see it and just like you, this series will have a special space in my heart. Love you!

P.S. Love you too, Aunt!


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