Monthly Archives: July 2017

“The Circle” – “A horror to learn from”

It’s scary how this movie is portraying our real world and the continuous decrease of privacy. It’s even scarier people’s reaction of embracing this new always-connected online world and even cheering for it. We always think that our online profiles make us who we are, make us somebody in this world and undoubtedly, social networks […]

Mayweather vs McGregor: Less than a month

Less than a month is left until one of the biggest and most anticipated fights of our time will happen, and until then, we can just watch both fighters’ previous bouts and hope and wait for a never-before-seen boxing match. The world tour, I’m sure, got everyone super juiced up for the upcoming clash, but, […]


Danilo Luiz Da Silva was, alongside Fábio Coentrão (who has been already loaned out this season), one of the weakest full-backs that Real Madrid has ever had, in my opinion. He was terrible in defense and half-good in attacks. The thing that annoyed me the most though, was that when he played, he made me […]


After James Rodrigues’ recent departure, the transfer of Álvaro Morata to Chelsea for €65,5M. I’m very happy with this move, as I feel it was imminent. First of all the sum of the transfer is outstanding for Real Madrid, but it is understandable in our times, as Morata is young, promising and has already proven himself […]

Fifa 17 manager talk

So manager mode in FIFA is one of the most enjoyable game modes ever, and now that I might have the opportunity to dive into FIFA 17’s manager mode, I must think about a club that will be appropriate. So what I like to do is to take weaker teams from different countries and make […]


James Rodríguez was an inspiring move for Real Madrid back in 2014, when he was the top goalscorer of the World Cup. I remember that when he arrived, he was given the No. 10, and I thought to myself that finally, the club will have a player who deserves this legendary number. Three years later, […]


Theo Hernández is an exciting 19-year-old French left-back, who can easily become Real Madrid’s first choice in the future. From what I have seen on Youtube, he impresses with his dribbling, speed, and smart choices during the match. He is similar to Dani Carvajal, who plays on the other side of the defensive line, in […]