Watch Dogs 2 – REVIEW


It took me 28 hours to finish the main story and to complete 83% of the game. Today, I ended Watch Dogs 2, a game which turned out to be much more awesome than I expected.

After being bored to death in the first Watch Dogs, mainly because of all the side missions that seemed never-ending and were constantly ruining my plans of playing the main missions, Watch Dogs 2 seems like a breath of some heavenly air.

First of all, in the second iteration of the game, everything is lighter, the city, the people, the story. It only made me feel sad once for the entire duration of the game (when one of the guys from the Dedsec crew died), and it is a major factor in my overall enjoyment of the game, because, in the first game, all the tragedies that surrounded the protagonist really influenced my experience for the worse. Watch Dogs is brighter, funnier and much more enjoyable from all points of view.

More hacking to do, different abilities and gadgets and much more freedom is what makes Watch Dogs 2 better than the first game. The shooting mechanics remained practically the same, which are very satisfying but the driving mechanics seem a little bit changed for the better, but still, the physics don’t feel natural, and they are a not even remotely close to what GTA has to offer.

The city of San Francisco feels alive, and to me, that’s simply unbelievable. Always something to do, and more importantly always something to hack, kept me stirring away from the main missions and simply enjoying the view for the most part of my playing time.

The story is rich and the game can really shock those who don’t know that everything that in Watch Dogs is possible and is actually happening in the real world. One big downfall of the game and it is, in fact, the reason that made me stop playing the game right after the very last mission, is that all of the progress made in the game is reversed, and the player is returned sometime before all of the main missions were made.

All taken into account, I had a blast playing Watch Dogs 2, because it is both gorgeous and full of stuff to do. Recommend.

DedSec has given you the truth, do what you will.”


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