It’s official, Romelu Lukaku has signed for Manchester United. The greatest club in England will pay around £75m + add-ons and he’ll be a United player once personal terms are agreed.

Wayne Rooney will go the other way, and that is unfortunate, because he is truly one of the greatest legends that Manchester United will ever have.

Romelu has proven himself time and time again, being a very strong and prolific striker over the years and his skills are very much needed by United, which right now is shaping up pretty well. Lukaku’s the second transfer of this summer already and in my opinion, it will be by far the best one. The agreed fee is astronomical, but it is time to get used to pay good money for good players (for example Paul Pogba).

I’m glad and excited for Manchester United and looking forward to see how the future of the club will be built by such players as Lukaku.

Once again, a very warm and excited WELCOME to ROMELU LUKAKU!


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