Jesús Vallejo is not a known name in the world of football, however, he is an exciting centre-back who has been signed by Real Madrid back in 2015. He has been loaned out since then in Germany, where he has proven himself and undoubtedly has improved.

Vallejo has been brought back as a replacement for Pepe, who for so many years, has been part of the back four in the Galacticos’ team. The young Vallejo is only 20 years old, but has already taken Pepe’s number (#3) and I, as well as all the other Madrid fans are hoping that Jesús will become as important as Pepe was in the next seasons.

I say that Vallejo is an exciting centre-back, because from what I have seen on YouTube so far, he is a fast centre-back who plays intelligently and aggressively at the same time.

Real Madrid continues to have three centre-backs, Sergio Ramos (#4), Raphael Varane (#5) and the newcomer Jesús Vallejo (#3). If the trio continues to perform as well as they have done with Pepe in rotation, Madrid’s glory days will keep coming.

Once again, a warm welcome to Jesús Vallejo!


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