After 13 years at Manchester United, today, official photos with England’s Legend, Wayne Rooney wearing Everton’s shirt, have appeared on the internet. Rooney’s been one of the best strikers in England for nearly a decade and to see him leave now, makes me feel both happy and sad at the same time.

First of all, I feel sad that such a talented player and the captain is leaving the squad. I feel sad that his United days are over and that he will never be playing with this badge over his heart. I also feel sad that he still has incredible skills and that he will help Everton in the next season, but in order for United to improve, new players must be put in rotation and by doing this, Mourinho won’t have a choice but offer Rooney little to no time on the pitch this season.

I feel happy however that alongside his departure, a crucial player for the present team at United, Romelu Lukaku has been signed from Everton. I also feel happy that Wayne has managed to become the club’s all-time top scorer last season and most of all I am happy that everybody will be able to see him play much more at Everton next season.

Once again, a huge THANK YOU for everything you’ve done at Manchester United during this wonderful period of time and best of luck and FAREWELL WAYNE ROONEY!


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