Fifa 17 manager talk


So manager mode in FIFA is one of the most enjoyable game modes ever, and now that I might have the opportunity to dive into FIFA 17’s manager mode, I must think about a club that will be appropriate. So what I like to do is to take weaker teams from different countries and make them reach the top of their league and eventually top of Europe.

As I’m looking into what countries are left (from what I haven’t played yet), I first want to  take some time to remember and cheer for all the wonderful moments that I had playing Fifa manager mode over the years. I can’t recall what team have I managed in what Fifa exactly because the time is spanning from 2011 to 2015, but I do recall the teams:

France – PSG
Germany – Shalke 04, Bayern Munich
Italy – Udinese
Netherlands – Vitesse Arnhem
Russia – Zenit Saint Petersburg
USA – LA Galaxy
England – Manchester United (but this was a very long time and since then I decided that I would not choose a team that I love in manager mode, so no more Manchester United or Real Madrid in the near future)

Usually, I stick with a team for many many many seasons (longest run was about 12 seasons), producing several generations of exceptional players, who I mostly sell and bring young but talented kids for cheap to the club. This is how I love to play the game and while writing this post, I have decided that if I am to play Fifa 17 manager mode, then I’m choosing a team from Belgium, a completely new league for me and that team is Club Brugge, not the best nor the worst team from Belgium’s Pro League, but I like their kit and their name, two things that are crucial for a long and successful career as a manager in Fifa.

I’m excited to see and experience all the changes that were introduced in Fifa 17 last autumn and it will be simply awesome if I get to play it on PC today.


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