After James Rodrigues’ recent departure, the transfer of Álvaro Morata to Chelsea for €65,5M. I’m very happy with this move, as I feel it was imminent.

First of all the sum of the transfer is outstanding for Real Madrid, but it is understandable in our times, as Morata is young, promising and has already proven himself on the biggest stages at the biggest club in the world. Secondly, Morata’s departure will leave space for other exciting players like Asensio to play much more and I can’t express how excited and happy and delighted I am about Real’s young talents next season.

There are however two downfalls to this transfer: there is no buy-back clause, and I really hope that Real Madrid won’t face Chelsea in the future, because Morata can cause trouble, just like he did back in 2015 in the UCL semi-final, when he played for Juventus against Real and knocked them out with his goals.

All being said, I wish him good luck at Chelsea, and drought against United and Real Madrid in the future! Farewell MORATA!


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