“The Circle” – “A horror to learn from”


It’s scary how this movie is portraying our real world and the continuous decrease of privacy. It’s even scarier people’s reaction of embracing this new always-connected online world and even cheering for it. We always think that our online profiles make us who we are, make us somebody in this world and undoubtedly, social networks can keep people closer. However, as it is named in the movie – “to go transparent” – which means that people can see, hear and comment on a human’s life, which is broadcasted 24/7, is scary and quite honestly fucked up.

While I was watching the movie with my brother, we were thinking, what can we do to avoid getting too deep into this internet-bounded lifestyle, which effectively enslaves humans to their devices. To delete all of the social networks could be a possible solution, however, it has many downsides, as most of our relations with friends and relatives are kept alive by the very same networks.

The solution is, perhaps, to have an online life but to keep it in close control, as it is very easy to let into the never-ending feed on facebook, twitter or instagram. The posts must be very well thought-of, as they can instantly portray ourselves under a bad light, or even can destroy some relationships. Of course, the right of free speech should encourage us to always speak our minds, but, I’m afraid that we are already living in the times when speaking what you think is getting suppressed by the society and it could lead to negative consequences.

Now, the movie itself is very pleasant to the eye, Emma Watson did a great job, as well as Tom Hanks, their characters were so natural and interesting. The notion of time seemed a bit distorted though, as months and years passed in seconds and lots of things have happened during that time period. That is pretty much the only remark that I could make, in what is, otherwise a very intelligent, very thoughtful and a very well-made film.

This is definitely a “must-watch” movie and it should be seen by everyone, especially young kids, who tend to give in to all the new things, which are advertised so well and are implemented so quickly in our lives, that we can’t imagine our lives without them.


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