I have only talked about transfers in which two of my favorite clubs are involved: Real Madrid and Manchester United. For about a week, what started just like some rumors, which I thought at the time would end up with a new contract for Neymar, has indeed come true, and I am shocked.

First of all, I am shocked with the fee. Apparently, Neymar had a 222€M release clause in his contract, which PSG has managed to activate. The price is simply insane, more than double than the sum that broke the transfer record last summer when Manchester United bought Pogba from Juventus for 105€M. I’m also shocked with his salary. Neymar will reportedly make £515,000-a-week which is £73,571-a-day, £3,065-a-hour and £51-a-minute.

I understand the reasons behind this transfer, however:
1. Barcelona’s a mess right now and has been in decline for a couple of years.
2. At PSG, Neymar will be undoubtedly the leading man, where nobody will put him in the shadow like Messi did at Barcelona.
3. PSG will be for him an entirely new challenge, where he’ll play in a new league, will experience different kinds of pressure and most importantly, is the place where he’ll have a real shot at the Ballon D’or in the upcoming seasons.

As a Real Madrid fan, this transfer really delights me, to the point that I can not stop smiling. As a football fan, this transfer makes me sick, as the sum of the transfer and Neymar’s salary, make other transfers of outstanding players seem like nothing. Neymar will wear the No. 10 at PSG and alongside Di Maria, Lucas, Cavani, Draxler, or any other player who will accompany him up front, will be a deadly threat for any team that they play against. On the other hand, with all of this money, Barca could really strengthen their squad, with the likes of Coutinho, Griezmann and even Mbappe being linked with Barca.

I wish Neymar all the best at PSG and congratulate him on leaving Barcelona so soon!


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