“Birdman” (2014) – REVIEW

At Oscars 2015, “Birdman” was chosen the best movie of 2014 and since I have not yet seen it, there wasn’t a better time as the day after that. I liked it but also kind of hated it. I like when movies are mysterious, but I like it even more when everything comes to a logical sense or to an explanation in the end. The life in a theatre or in any other location which is driven by art, whether it is music, movies, etc. will always be an interesting life, because it is not usual.

That is what I wrote back in 2015, it has been in my drafts ever since. I didn’t want to finish this review back then, because my feelings were too mixed up. “We fear what we don’t understand” as there’s a saying, and that is exactly what happened. Now, two and a half years later, after I have grown up a bit, after I’ve experienced life a little more, after I’ve felt new, strange, awesome, scary, fun and sometimes heavenly things, this movie, does make a looot more sense to me.


Let’s start with the fact that our life is made up of continuous aftermaths. Whether we realize it or not, we either tend to rebuild what we once had, or we try to move on.  This is what “Birdman” is all about, and it is a piece of art. It’s filmed as if it was shot in a continuous take and that’s what gives the life of the theater and the stage realness and excitement. The actors switch between acting on the improvised theater stage, to acting for the camera seamlessly and effortlessly. After re-watching it yesterday night, the plot made sense for me from the beginning right until the end.

This movie is a masterpiece and it should be treated as it deserves. For me, it highlights all the progress that has been made in the film industry and all the advancement in technology. We should be very grateful and thankful that a movie like “Birdman” could be made in our days.

The highs and lows of our lives are mere interpretations of our current situation and just in like Birdman’s case, we shall reach the desired point in life sooner or later, even though it might seem impossible at first. The ending is on par with the rest of this great movie, as the viewer is left to imagine and create his own version.

“Even after being redeemed as a true artist, he still wears Birdman’s mask, only a white one.”


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