“And there were none” – Agatha Christie (Book Review)

It’s the first time when I’m doing two book reviews in the same day. Earlier today I’ve published my thoughts about Dan Brown’s Origin and this evening I’m thrilled to lay out my impressions about what is entitled “The Bestselling Mystery of all Time” as it says so on the cover.


The book is not long, 263 pages in fact, which I have managed to read in about two days and a half and in that time I’ve done plenty of other things, the afore mentioned review amongst them. The story made me sit on the edge of whatever I was seated on, when I was reading this book and I was very drawn into it. I’ve got to say, it got me sucked into it about thirty-forty pages in, after which I did not want to put it down.

The story, although being a mystery made complete sense right until the end. The simple description of the places, the characters and the events were easy to comprehend and that’s what I think made Agatha Christie so popular and put this book on the all time bestselling list. Her way of writing is simply joyful, without any extraordinary big words or complicated terms, and the twist of words in sentences made the journey so much more enjoyable and pleasant.

At some point in the reading of this book, I remembered about the recently watched movie based on another thrilling story written by Christie and at that point I realized how clever and brilliant she was. In the story of the movie Murder on the Orient Express, the conclusion is completely opposite to that in And there were none, but fortunately for me, my guess about the outcome did not come true, in any of these two stories.

I’m not a bookworm per se, but in the past few weeks I have really enjoyed reading. This book, therefore added more fuel to my growing wish of reading more, thus experiencing more and feeling more.

It’s a must-read, no doubt, as it is a quick read and overall an easy book that opened my mind to new ways of looking at the people surrounding me, about their interests, actions and intents.


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