Adidas Tubular Shadow (Sneaker Review)

Shoes are just pieces of apparel and I have never given them much importance or attention since I was a little kid. This changed when I found myself in Foot Locker one day, not looking for anything in particular and saw these very cool looking shoes.


I tried them on and instantly, compared to the loafers that I wore daily, which to be fair were very light and comfortable, the Tubular Shadows felt on another level. They felt part of my foot, they were light and they looked really cool. I was very keen on getting leather shoes because they are the best in rainy weather and when I saw them in this color, which honestly is awesome because it goes with everything, I decided to buy them. No matter the outfit, the colors or the vibe, these shoes feel right in place every single time.


It’s important to mention that in the four months that I have been wearing them, they really attracted people’s eyes and everybody seemed to like them and that was strange because my footwear doesn’t usually get compliments.


I wore them every single day for the last four months and they still look and feel like brand new. Because I like them so much, I decided to go in and buy another pair but in a different color, so I tried the knit version of the Tubular, and although the particular pair looked very cool, having a camouflage design, they definitely felt different and not as nearly as comfortable to the leather pair that I own.

So, the Tubular Shadows have been a complete success for me. I like the way they feel, I like the looks and I definitely liked the price, which in my opinion is a bargain for what they have to offer. Also they have sparkled a new interest for shoes, something that I didn’t have before, and since then I have continuously looked and tried different pair of shoes, some of which I ended up buying.


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