New phone, new life, yet again

My last phone, for the past 1159 days, or three years, two months and four days has been the iPhone 6, and it had served me extremely well. It was such a big change from the Nokia spree that I have been on, since my very first phone and now, everything changed for the better yet again.

Following the tradition, exactly one week later, I give my first impressions about my newest phone – Google Pixel XL. First of all I needed a break from iOS and wanted something completely new and I started looking for Androids, as any Android would bring be that new breath of fresh air of freedom and excitement.

Since my iPhone was laggy because of the used battery and the latest iOS, alongside the fact that the sleep button stopped working and that the mic was faulty when speaking on loudspeaker, a new phone was overdue. I started looking at new iPhones, the 8+ and the X, but honestly, I knew that they wouldn’t bring me the satisfaction that a completely new phone with new OS would, so I stalled on the idea of a new iPhone and started to look at androids.

Samsungs, I thought would be a good choice, but after countless watched videos on YouTube of the Samsungs, I didn’t feel that their version of Android would bring me what I was looking for, as it looks too much like the iOS, in my opinion. I also didn’t get a Samsung because I could not find any affordable 7 edge plus or even 6 edge plus, so I started looking for Google’s flagship, the Pixel. I was lucky enough to find a used unlocked Pixel XL 32GB for just $180, and now a week later, I feel like the happiest person on earth. Managed to sell my old faulty iPhone 6 64GB unlocked for $140, which is crazy, and now it seems that I’ve got a brand new phone, for just $40.

Now, it’s not all paradise. Having been sucked in the Apple ecosystem for the last three years, there are some downsides. First, there is no iMessage compatibility on Android, my MacBook can not see the phone when I try to connect it, even with the Android File Transfer app and my Apple Watch Series 2 has become pretty much obsolete.

The phone is behaving flawlessly in the first week of constant use and I have not had any single glitch, bug or any necessity of restarting it at any point. However, the “G assistant” button that is exclusive with any Pixel has disappeared however, and I can not for the life of me get it back. I’ve looked everywhere online and I still don’t understand how to get it back, but that’s nothing if the phone continues to perform as well as it has until now.

Android Oreo, currently the latest, has been a joy to use, and I was surprised to get used to it so quickly. I still haven’t found any cool widgets to completely customize the phone, but as I was accustomed to the simplicity of Apple’s OS, it’s not a very big deal without them, as of right now. Actually, Google’s stripped down version of Android looks really sexy to me.

I have already started to look for cool Android Watches and Google Home, so I am slowly but surely get sucked into the Google ecosystem. The Ticwatch E seems like a good, affordable choice, but I’m still holding on, because I want to take a break from smartwatches for a little while.


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