Feel like blogging.

I don’t know why, but I feel like blogging today. I also feel that I have transformed my “personal blog” into such a commercial blog, only talking about the things I bought or consumed. So a bit about what has happened … I fell in love and everything after that felt different. I made mistakes in the process, but now I am more sure of myself as ever before, that I have indeed made the right choice. “The sky is the limit” as she always tells me, and that’s exactly how I feel when I’m with her, I can literally do anything. Many plans and ideas are in mind, but I still feel like I’m held down by some invisible force. Can’t find my true place, anywhere so far, no matter how much I try to lie to myself. Big changes are on the horizon, and it feels right for some reason. Only the thought about how drastically everything will change, brings a huge smile on my face. I’m happy though and I really, really, hope that it will be for the better. With the help from God and only with his blessing, I trust that I am indeed on the right track, that I am on my path to my personal treasure. Content, calm and happy, this is how writing these words right now make me feel. I love life and I appreciate every little thing that has happened to me, ever.


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