World Cup 2018


The first match of the 2018 World cup has taken place today, with Russia winning 5-0 against S. Arabia. I didn’t watch the full ceremony before the game, but I did enjoy the full 90 minutes played. Russia appeared to be much stronger than the opposition right from the start, and the result is fully justified, as the reds were better in every possible way.

World Cups haven’t always been that exciting for me, as I remember the first one in 2006, which took place in Germany, me and my family started watching back home and finished it in Greece. In 2010, we were in Spain for a good part of the duration and in 2014 we watched some of it in Germany and then in the UK and finished watching it back home. This time, I am far, far away from home and I’m thrilled and very happy that I have the opportunity to watch it in the United States. It’s awesome, and that begs the question … “Where will I be in the next four years? Where will I watch it?” I don’t know but all I can say right now is that I’m excited, really, really excited. I just love life and these overfilling emotions just make me happy through the roof.

I’m really grateful for everything!

P.S. I’m rooting for Portugal this year, who is your favorite?


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