Weakest World Cup?

Let’s start by saying that many really good teams like Italy and the Netherlands didn’t even make it to Russia this year. USA, Chile, Romania and a few other good teams were replaced by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Peru, Tunisia, Panama and others, teams that are not known for being good at football and we could all see why, none of them making it out of the group.


My favorites Portugal, alongside Spain and Argentina went out from the first knock out stage, Germany was out of the World Cup even from the group stage, Brazil went home after they were beaten by Belgium in the quarter-finals and Argentina lost against the French 4-3. They are all weird and unexpected results, but the biggest shock of this World Cup so far and by far was when Russia eliminated Spain at penalties (3:4). England have managed to go past the Columbians with a big help from the referee who was clearly biased, favoring the Englishmen in most of the 50-50 decisions, then they beat Sweden who I think were still dizzy from not knowing how they even made it out of the group. Russia got knocked by the Croatians, the match being decided at penalties, and I guess karma went around and the Spanish were very delighted to see how the Russians were eliminated.

Semi-finals are ahead. Belgium will meet France and Croatia will confront England. My guess is that we’ll see in the final Belgium against England, which in itself is a very exciting game to see, never-mind it being the decisive match that will determine the winner. So, a total of four more matches are to be played in this World Cup and we’re yet to see a very exciting and memorable match (throwback to Brazil being bulldozed 7-1 by the Germans four years ago). I have a feeling that something even more unexpected will happen, so let’s cheer and hope for wonderful football ahead.


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