World Cup 2018 – The Final

So, since my previous post about the World Cup, a few things have happened. The semi-finals were played, and to the whole world’s surprise, the big final will not be played by neither England or Belgium. Instead, it was the match decided the third and the fourth place today and it was Belgium who were on top.

France looked so much stronger than Belgium in the first semi-final that it nearly left me without any kind of response. Belgium were all over the place and they couldn’t impose their tactics for not even %15 of the time.
In the other semi-final, Croatia did the impossible and beat a very confused England 2-1 in extra-time and that’s how the unpredictable happened.


The World Cup winner in 2018 will be either France or Croatia, and although it’s kind of obvious that France is the stronger and better side, the amount of shocks that this World Cup delivered, puts France’s chances under big doubts, so we’ll have to wait and see what is going to happen tomorrow. The excitement is building up and although it is not a spectacular game on paper, the whole world will be watching.

I’m not rooting for any side, I just want to see some beautiful football and let the joy of the game and its spirit fill me up.


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