IN-N-OUT BURGER – my experience

I’ve seen many videos of people trying for the first time In-n-out in California on YouTube. They were excited to wait in line even 30+ minutes and then they would always say: “It’s the best burger I’ve ever had”. That naturally got me interested and excited to try it too. So I have, five or six times already.

The very first time, I was so excited that my girlfriend even took a video of me taking the first bite. The buns felt sour, the meat wasn’t spiced, yet well burned, but the tomatoes, the lettuce and the onions felt fresh af. It tasted alright, nothing special. The fries were a little too burned and again they didn’t have any particular taste (comparing to McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A which have a defined fries taste). The spread that comes with the fries tastes down-right bad and the only thing that kept me from stop eating was the iced coke, which was like a breath of much needed fresh air every time I took a sip.

Right after we finished eating, my stomach ached badly. I was holding my belly for the next two hours, that’s how bad it felt. My gf said that it might have just been that particular joint that made me feel bad, so I said ok, at the next opportunity I’ll give it another try.

In the next month, we’ve been to In-n-out three or four times and my experience repeated, tasted bad, but at least the stomachaches weren’t as bad. Just yesterday though, I thought that because I didn’t feel bad the last few times, I might have gotten used to it, so I gave it another try. Again, the double cheeseburger tasted a little burnt and the fries were a little too crispy and completely tasteless and only the coke was the good thing in the whole meal. What happened afterwards though, was a really really bad experience. The stomachache was worse than ever and I felt terrible for a couple of hours late at night and with that I think I’ll pass in-n-out from now on.

It’s definitely interesting, it’s a little different from other fast-food restuarants, but it’s not worth it in my opinion. It doesn’t have something that will make me want to go back. Not even the white and red tiles all over the walls and the floors inside, not the workers’ outfit, which I find really cool and not even the great-tasting coke inside the palm-covered cup that they serve it in. Nothing will make me want to eat from In-n-out burger again.

The best burger that I have ever tried was at 5 guys and it didn’t let me down not even once. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s totally worth it. So that was my experience at In-n-out, what was yours? Comment below and let’s discuss.


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