Let’s talk about goals & achievements

I’ve been playing the Watch Dogs games like crazy in the last month. Every game on XBOX has a list of achievements that give players points and they’re called Gamerscore. When unlocking an achievement, there is a weirdly satisfying popping noise that announces you that you have unlocked it, how much is it worth and what did you do to get it. The points vary from 5 to 100 and on average about 20-25 per achievement. So, playing just these two games, I have earned exactly 1200 Gamerscore as of right now. My best day was yesterday when I got about 300 in a 24h period, in which I played maybe 11 hours.

So this constant rush and excitement leading up to an achievement and eventually unlocking it, gave me a new look on life. What if I made a list of achievements per day, each worth points, just like on XBOX and try to do them all by the end of that day? Sounds easy enough and I can’t wait to try it. It would be awesome if there was an app for that on my phone … But I guess a list in the notes app will do.

There is only one thing about this idea that gives me doubts. Should I set out a goal of let’s say 100 per day and then set up different achievements totaling up to that amount, or should I just put all the stuff that needs to be done set the amount of points per each accordingly.

I’ll try it both ways and see how they’ll work.

P.S. I’ve changed my theme again as I’m looking to change the style of my blogging. Less pictures, more words. Hopefully it will work out alongside the new achivement-based lifestyle.


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