Let’s talk about CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid a month ago and the sadness that me and other Real Madrid fans felt is unfathomable. Cristiano, the greatest player in history who won the Champions League with Madrid the last three years in a row, won the last three ballon d’ors and was the undoubted leader of the team has decided to leave. In the nine years while he played for the greatest team of all time, my life has changed a lot. The only constant thing in this long period of time was Ronaldo’s place at Real and no matter what happened, I could always watch and enjoy Cristiano’s football. Rumors of him leaving started about three years ago, when he was linked to PSG at that time and they continued to come up every single summer, but in the end they were only rumors, so when this year the talk has started about him leaving to Juve, I was relaxed and thought that it won’t happen in any case.

It’s hard to understand or say why exactly did he choose to switch teams, because he was winning titles, was the undoubted leader of the team and was earning good money. My only guess is that he’s tired of Spanish football and wants a new challenge, which is understandable. When Zidane left in the beginning of June, it was a huge shock for the football world and Ronaldo following him so shortly afterwards was the knock-out punch especially for Madridistas. Or maybe the things at Real right now are not as good as they were before and the club is going downhill under Florentino Perez. With time though, I’m sure Ronaldo will open up about what really made him move away from the love of his life.

Where will the club go without Ronaldo? I’m sure many fans around the world, myself included hoped and thought that Real Madrid will buy the most promising, captivating, fresh world cup winner Mbappe, but his transfer to PSG has been finalized this summer, after a year of being on loan, for a whopping €135M, and he’s been given the number 7 at PSG, more on that later. So without Mbappe, Madrid has been linked with Bayern Munich’s Lewandowski, a lot of talk about Eden Hazard but in my opinion neither will fit in Real Madrid’s current squad and style of play. So, if Madrid can’t get Mbappe, let’s see what youngsters could potentially replace Ronaldo’s position in the team. Instantly, the first player that in pops in mind is Asensio. Marco Asensio, who’s only 22 but has already won the Champions League twice, being an important player in both of those seasons and is priced at €75M is no less impressive than Mbappe, so he could potentially replace Cristiano in the many years to come. Real Madrid’s youth talent is unbelievable, so in a way it’s more exciting and entertaining if the club ends up not buying anyone for exaggerate amount of money.

Cristiano will always be my favorite player and in my opinion the best to have ever played, but Real Madrid has and always been in my heart and as they say, no player is bigger than a club, so we just have to move on and keep supporting our favorites. The future sounds promising even without Ronaldo, in a couple of years Bale and Benzema will leave too, and I’m not surprised if they do leave as early as next summer, which will make room for young and exciting talented players who will look to add on to Madrid’s exceptional trophy cabinet.

P.S. It’s hurtingly sad that Ronaldo left Real, but a positive way of looking at it is that nine years ago Madrid paid €94M (a world record at that time) and left nine years later winning everything he could with the team, for €117M which makes a €23M profit (not adjusted to inflation).

P.P.S. Juventus is building and exciting and correct brand, but they never were or ever will be a team that I will follow because they do not appeal to me in any way at all. Even AC Milan is better than them in that aspect and by the way, Milan has been making big money moves this summer, so again, more on that later.


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