Blogging – a stress relief?

So, remember when I said that I will start a new style of blogging when I changed my theme? Well for the past two days, I’ve posted three articles a day, and it’s hard to say that it’s the main reason for it, but I feel so refreshed and so good.

If that’s the case let’s see how blogging or writing in general can help you relax, be calm and enjoy life more in general. It’s all based on my personal feelings, no studies included, no cited articles or doctors or anyone else. Just me, myself and I.

First of all, when blogging about something that matters to you and you don’t really talk about it with other people, expressing it on the internet eliminates the need of thinking and talking about it, so automatically, the brain gets calmer and relaxes. Second of all, not just blogging, but writing in general, puts you in a meditative state of mind and a unnatural silence, captures you whole. For me, this feeling is amazing, it’s kind of a dopamine effect because it fills me up with so much happiness, it’s hard to describe.

It’s also important to stress out the content on the blog. It doesn’t have to be in trend with the world, it doesn’t have to receive a lot of attention for it to make you feel good. You just start writing and keep on doing so. Nothing else matters, it’s just the keyboard, the screen and your thoughts, and this is awesome. Although I understand that I may sound like a very successful blogger right now, with millions of followers and tons of money from it, but that’s so far from the case. If anything, I’d still consider myself an amateur blogger, because I post rarely and usually I’d post about products or new releases, not personal thoughts about life like this article.

To conclude, even if nobody reads your article or nobody appreciates it, even if other people who read it end up not agreeing with it, just remember how chill and happy you feel while doing it, because for me, that’s the whole point.

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