Worst Summer Transfers … Ever?

My favorite teams are Manchester United and Real Madrid, so I’ll focus on them two mostly, but I’ll also talk about other transfers made by different clubs, which seem worth pointing out.

First of all, the worst summer transfer period started with Zidane’s departure announcement on the first of June followed by Cristiano’s departure from Real Madrid in the first 10 days of July, Mbappe’s permanent transfer to PSG, no big names at Manchester United either and right at the end of the summer, Mariano’s come-back, recieving the legendary number 7 in the process.

Courtois, the new number 25 at Real Madrid, aged 26, came for €35,00M from Chelsea, impressed in the previous three or four years, but under no circumstance he’s better than the current #1 at the club, Keylor Navas. The transfer fee, considering that he’s worth €65,00M, is impressive, and I might add that it was a good deal made by Real Madrid overall. Thibaut doesn’t really fit the team as of right now, but who knows, in a couple of years, he might become an important part of the new era that is being built at Real. Although a previous player at Atletico Madrid and Chelsea, both despised clubs by me, the fact that he only kissed one club badge in his life, and that was Real’s badge, puts a big smile on every Real Madrid fan’s face. He’s there, and he’s ready to fight for his place in the team, and that is very exciting.

Mariano, the new number 7 at the club, came back after just one year from Lyon, for €21,50M, and he was only sold for €8,00M. Although he had a good season in France, taking the number 7 at the club while Asensio, a fan’s favorite, rejected it, is a bold move, but at age 25 he’s basically accomplished nothing, so the fans’ uproar when they saw that he demanded the legendary number at the club, is understandable. For him to deserve it, he’ll have to be the top scorer and come at least close to Ronaldo’s goals per season, and honestly it’s very hard imagine that happening.

Vinicius, on the other hand seems like a humble, promising and has all the qualities of a future star. Maybe a second Robinho at the club? Who knows, we’ll see. Only 18, he’s definitely hungry for goals and can’t wait for the opportunity of showing himself, he’s more than welcome at the club and I really wish he’ll do great in the upcoming seasons. The only thing he has to prove is the hefty price that Real Madrid paid for him, €45,00M but he seems confident and fully able to show the value for the money.

Real Madrid has proven very efficient and succesful in bringing in young, talented players for relatively small fees, like Carvajal, which in four seasons has become the best right-back in the world, Casemiro, in the same amount of time has become one of the best midfielders, so the new arrivals, Odriozola (RB, aged 22, for €30,00M), Lunin (GK, aged 18, for €8,5M), Mascarell (CDM, aged 25, for €4,0M), Torro(CDM, aged 23, for €1,75M) and a couple more from RM Castilla, have good examples as teammates, and hopefully will take the same path.

No big name or big money move for Real Madrid this summer, but speculations are going on about Dybala joining in the winter, but persoanally, it’s hard to see that happen.

Now, let’s shift to Manchester United, whose manager, Mourinho is under big pressure both from the fans and the media, but unfortunately not from the club. This summer, a brazilian CM called Fred came from Shaktar for a whopping €59,00M in the very first days of the summer transfer period. I don’t know a lot about the player, but aged 25, he might bring some speed and accuracy in the build-up that United are struggling for, right now.

Next came Diogo Dalot, aged only 19 from Porto, for €22,00M, another stranger for me personally, but playing in the RB position, the team will definitely benefit from having him. Let’s be honest, although Valencia is doing a more than a decent job, he’s getting really old, so a youngster in the same position, seems like a good purchase right now.

A 35 year-old GK joined the club, not kidding, 35! For €1,7M as well …. what? What for when United has De Gea … why was this transfer ever made? I don’t have a clue and it seriously pisses me off … Mourinho’s losing his grip big time.

A couple of 21-23 year-old came back from loan and that’s pretty much it for United’s big summer transfer period. Dissapointing is not enough of a word to express how Mourinho makes me feel about his United campaign. Sadness, disgust which slowly turn into hate, is what I’m sure, most of the MU fans feel right now. Poor summter transfers, although I’m kind of happy that Dailey Blind finally left back to Ajax, but there are a lot more players that need to be shown the exit first, to ask some trophies from this team.

A big, big rebuilding and rehauling is needed at Manchester United unfortunately. At least 15 players need to leave the club in order to achieve something in the future. Also, the formation and the tactics need a drastic change, because having world-class players like Pogba, Lukaku, Sanchez, Martial, Rashford and many others and end up not winning anyting is a disgrace. It’s a fucking disgrace, and again, it’s very sad and worrying what’s going on at the club.

Now, let’s talk about other transfers from other clubs. Liverpool, in my opinion had a very good transfer period, buying another GK, Allison (aged 25, for €62,50M) two world-class midfielders, Keita(aged 23, for €60,00M), Fabinho (aged 26, for €45,00M) and Shaqiri (aged 26, for only €14,70M!) and in the process getting rid of Karius, sending him to Turkey, where they met him like a superstar … lol. Now that in my opinion is a close to perfect summer transfer campaign, bringing strong players, to a already very dangerous and capable squad. I’m an United fan until the end, but I’ve got to give credit to Klopp and Liverpool, what they managed to do in the last two years, is really amazing.

Juventus, the luckiest and the most prolific team in this transfer period, by far, has yet again improved. Apart from C.Ronaldo (TBE), they brought in Cancelo (RB, aged 24 for €40,40M), D.Costa(RW, aged 27 for €40,00M), Bonucci (CB, aged 31 for €35,00M) and a couple of youngsters, with the only big name leaving, after Buffon’s shock-move to PSG, being Higuain, who joined Milan for €18,00 as a loan fee and btw, Ronaldo might have had a big influence in his departure, otherwise the club wouldn’t have let him go even if he’s 30 years-old.

So, that’s pretty much it, the 2018 Summer transfer period has a bitter after-taste, which completely sucks … but maybe it’s for the better. With Ronaldo’s departure, maybe Asensio will finally get the chance to become the number 1 at the club and completely destroy the opponents, like he showed us he can. Or maybe Madrid will need a big transfer name like Mbappe, next summer, we’ll see, but as of right now, 14 days after the deadline passed, the future doesn’t look very bright for either United or Madrid.



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