Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

Rockstar has done it again. Played us like fools. Same kind of GTA missions, absolutely nothing revolutionary. I’m bored. It looks amazing, the attention to detail is uncanny, it’s just … I thought it would be a completely new experience, but it isn’t. I guess if it were to compare Red Dead Redemption 2 to other games, especially by Rockstar Games, then it’s a 10/10, but for me it’s just a refined style of the same familiar and not surprising at all game that follows the same “go there, do that” pattern. At the same time it’s what made them so ridiculously loved and adored, and it would have been stupid for them to re-invent the wheel, but Rockstar Games should be what Apple used to be: Completely change the gaming world for the better time and time again. The story was average in the sense that it was really captivating in some parts and annoyingly boring in others. Shocking turn of events is what really draws you in, but 90% of the missions have the same stupid goal of stressing more and more money or getting somebody out of trouble and the repetitiveness gets to you after a while. The hunting system is complete bullshit in my opinion, it made me hate it right from the start. It’s too much grinding and it’s unnecessary, but I see how other people would love it and Rockstar took the opportunity of giving players something to lose hundreds of hours with. The first half of my playtime, I experienced it in first-person and apart from some slight dizziness from time to time, it did feel great. The second part, I played it in third-person and honestly it was like a completely different game … It runs sooo much smoother and pleasant for the eyes that I kind of hated myself for torturing myself with the muuuch less smooth perspective of the first-person. The world is however maybe the only part that’s really pushing the open-world games further. It feels alive, the trees, the leaves, the grass, the animals, the towns and especially the people, with whom you can interact and there are thousands of them … Hats-off to Rockstar for that … It’s amazing, but: none of the choices you make when interracting with an NPC really matters on the bigger scale and in the end it’s kind of useless … Right now, my feelings are devised, but I know one thing though: i definitely had fun and enjoyed the game, it’s just I expected so much more because it took them five years to make it. It’s an end to an era for open-world games for sure, can’t wait to play GTA VI in five years … Or even better, maybe Max Payne 4?


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