Transforming my blog.

Hi everyone, I hope everyone’s having a good day today, I’m here with a quick but potentially huge update to my blog. So, I want to create a category for every week day and so far I’ve come up with:

Mediaday – movie, music, games and tv shows reviews
Thingsday – random stuff revew
Weddingsday – married life updates / relationships with other people
Thoroughsday – deep analysis of events that intrigue me
Funday – sports news mostly
Satechday – all tech reviews and updates
Sunnyday – life reflections

Basically, I want to systematize and at the same time put more life into my blog, by constantly writing staying on topic. I’m not sure that I’ll have enough content to create each and every single day, but somehow I feel like this is the start of something really cool and exciting for my blog. The biggest problem however is that I currently have over 750 posts published already, each assigned to its own category, but it was my mistake that instead of just adding the corresponding tags, I have put them in a bunch of different and unnecessary categories. So here it goes, today being Monday, this is the first ever post in Mediaday … it already feels right, let’s hope that this update will completely revive my passion for blogging.


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