I’ve just finished a book

"The mark and the void" by Paul Murray was a phenomenal ride and although I didn't read so many books in my life so far ... this feeling when finishing reading one seems unexpectedly familiar, like the taste of the 500th hamburger, yet I'm very far from reaching 500 books, very very far. I guess … Continue reading I’ve just finished a book

oh snap.

Motherfucker .... In my mind, I keep telling myself that I don't need anyone or anything as inspiration for doing anything, but motherfucker I feel so pumped to edit a video after watching a @petermckinon video, so pumped to live a disciplined life after watching a couple of Matt D'avellia and Casey Neistat, so ready … Continue reading oh snap.

Learning to say no, Is a skill, it's about letting go. Of the pure goodness and good intentions, Which with the wrong people, create only tensions. The push-overs, the mean, greedy bastards, The money-drive, attention seekers. Who wish nothing but destroy, And only their sorrows to deploy. The heart says help them, But the heart … Continue reading