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“And there were none” – Agatha Christie (Book Review)

It’s the first time when I’m doing two book reviews in the same day. Earlier today I’ve published my thoughts about Dan Brown’s Origin and this evening I’m thrilled to lay out my impressions about what is entitled “The Bestselling Mystery of all Time” as it says so on the cover. The book is not long, 263 […]

“Origin” – Dan Brown (book review)

“Fear nothing but to waste the present moment.” – Dan Brown (Origin) This book came out almost two months ago and I didn’t even know about it. About a month ago, I randomly walked into Barnes & Noble as I was in the area and as soon as I saw it standing just in front […]

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” – Finished the Book

I have bought the book on January 26 2017, and I was really excited to jump into Harry Potter’s magical world yet again. When I started reading it, however, I noticed that it was written in a very different way, and while I found it very weird in the beginning, I managed to get used to […]

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“Digital Fortress” Start

I started reading “Digital Fortress” written by Dan Brown today and I can tell that it is an awesome book from the very first pages. I also need a break from Robert Langdon and new main characters are very welcomed. Here’s to yet another wonderful journey created by Dan Brown.

Finished reading “The Lost Symbol”

In less than three weeks, I have read Dan Brown’s book entitled “The Lost Symbol” entirely. It is awesome. It is by far my favourite book written by him. I admire the way he writes. In this book, the story took unexpected turns multiple times and the fact that it took me so little time to […]

Reading “The Lost Symbol”

Today was the day in which I have read the most from Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol”. It is exhilarating and I just love reading it. It is by far the most exciting book from my Dan Brown collection and I haven’t even read half of it. It is awesome.