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Grant Theft Auto V ended.

On the 24th of June 2015, I have completed the campaign in Grand Theft Auto V on PC. It was fun, but I expected a lot more. GTA V’s world is big, beautiful and immersive. At any point in time, whether it is day or night, sunny or rainy, San Andreas looks astonishing. I experienced […]

Fifa 17 manager talk

So manager mode in FIFA is one of the most enjoyable game modes ever, and now that I might have the opportunity to dive into FIFA 17’s manager mode, I must think about a club that will be appropriate. So what I like to do is to take weaker teams from different countries and make […]

Watch Dogs 2 – REVIEW

It took me 28 hours to finish the main story and to complete 83% of the game. Today, I ended Watch Dogs 2, a game which turned out to be much more awesome than I expected. After being bored to death in the first Watch Dogs, mainly because of all the side missions that seemed […]

Went Mini-Golfing

Never thought that Mini-Golfing could be so satisfying.    It wasn’t fun in excess, but it was still much more fun than I expected. Mini-Golf isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, clearing out the 18 hole golf area in 44 shots. It was a bit windy and I couldn’t feel the shots […]

First Laser Tag game

Today I’ve played laser tag for the first time and honestly it was cool, but it wasn’t as cool as I expected. It was a 10 vs 10 match on a relatively small battlefield where I got shot every  2-3 seconds. It was chaos and it really left me a bitter taste. My gun wasn’t […]

Fifa return

A great day with a lot of Fifa. I’ve been constantly playing it for the past few months, but today it felt different.     I love competition and today it was right at the top. Excitement, anger, happiness and most of all, relief, are all part of a match of Fifa and I had plenty […]

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